Meet Your New Customer Service Agents

Introducing Virtual Humans, AI-powered characters designed to revolutionize your customer service.

These interactive agents engage in precise conversations that go beyond traditional boundaries, ensuring your customers feel heard, understood, and valued.

Leveraging Conversational AI Intent Technology

At, we leverage proprietary technology to empower Virtual Humans with the unique capability to grasp customer queries' underlying intent.

This enables intelligent responses that adapt to individual needs, providing exceptional customer service.

Virtual Humans:
Empowering Real Results

Virtual Humans incorporate language fluency and industry-specific conversations to provide realistic interactions that keep your customers engaged and satisfied. They offer a level of customer service that surpasses expectations.

Virtual Humans: Shaping the Future of Customer Service

A groundbreaking study conducted by the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Canterbury demonstrates the potential of Virtual Humans in customer service.

These AI-powered agents can match human capabilities in practicing new leadership skills, paving the way for enhanced customer experiences.

The Virtual Advantage


Virtual Humans provide 24/7 availability, reducing operational costs while ensuring efficient and scalable customer service.

Consistent Service

Interactions with Virtual Humans guarantee a uniform quality of customer service, adhering to the highest standards.

Boost Customer Confidence

Customer Service Agents are continual availability for quick issue resolution.  This  enhance customer trust and confidence.


Seamlessly access your virtual customer service area through a VR headset, ensuring convenient service delivery.

Our Expertise: Context-Aware Conversations

Virtual Humans excel in delivering contextually accurate conversations, making them highly effective in customer service scenarios.

They act as ever-ready virtual customer service agents, equipped to guide customers, answer queries, and provide assistance.

Analytics & Assessment: Powering Service Insights

All customer interactions within our virtual environments are meticulously logged. These logs provide valuable insights into customer queries, helping identify areas that require improvement and fueling the evolution of your customer service.

Transform Your Training with Virtual Humans

The Future of AI: Transcending Chatbots

Virtual Humans represent the next frontier of AI, surpassing traditional chatbots in their capabilities.

With a deep understanding of context and the ability to respond meaningfully, they foster substantive interactions that take customer service to new heights.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service with Virtual Humans

Whether it's through Virtual Reality or WebXR, Virtual Humans offer versatility, creating a novel and engaging customer service environment accessible anytime, anywhere.