What are Virtual Humans?  

Virtual Humans are Artificial Intelligence Characters (AICs) trained for content specific conversations.

These characters listen, respond, and engage in dialogue with learners within interactive simulations.

After being trained in a specific content area, Virtual Humans can have an open dialogue with learners about the subject matter.

Our proprietary conversational intent technology makes these characters intelligent and more useful in learning scenarios.

Experience the power of AI-powered Virtual Humans, highly engaging and interactive entities engineered to transform conventional training methods.

These lifelike characters redefine the learning experience for your workforce.

Powered by Advanced Conversational AI Technology

At VirtualHumans.io, we leverage cutting-edge conversational AI technology to equip Virtual Humans with unparalleled conversational capabilities. 

They engage in dynamic conversations, creating personalized and adaptive training environments that foster optimal learning outcomes. Plus, our analytics delivers Evidence-based competency assessment. 

AI Virtual Humans - Transform Learning Experiences

Customized Training Experiences:
Your Reality, Virtually

With Virtual Humans, your workforce gains practical competence while engaging in lifelike simulations. Master intricate machinery operations, office etiquettes, uphold diversity and inclusion, or hone leadership skills.

Our meticulously designed, interactive experiences prepare your workforce for real-world scenarios.

Communication & Technical Skills Competency Assessment:
Our Unique Advantage

What sets VirtualHumans.io apart is our ability to measure and assess communications, language and technical skills competency.

Our Virtual Humans engage in conversations and utilize powerful analytics to evaluate learners' proficiency in the specific topics we train them to be experts in.

This enables learners to demonstrate progress and instructors to validate knowledge and skill competency.

The Benefits of Going Virtual


Available 24/7, Virtual Humans substantially reduce training costs and enable remote, scalable training.

Consistent Training

Each session ensures identical delivery of learning objectives, adhering to the highest standards. 

Building Confidence

Repetitive practice reduces anxiety, develops skills competency and fosters confidence in learners.



Learner can access training when its convenient - at home or in the office, its simple and easy.


The Next Level of Workforce Training

Step into a world where Conversational AI takes the center stage.

Our Conversational AI engines are powerful, and our Virtual Human platform can be used to develop a range of training simulations across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, violence prevention and de-escalation, and soft skill training.

Our Speciality: Contextually Accurate Interactions

Virtual Humans excel at delivering context-aware dialogues, enhancing their effectiveness in training simulations.

As ever-present virtual co-workers, they guide learners, answer questions, and assess competency, ensuring an engaging and personalized learning journey.

Transform Your Training with Virtual Humans

Real-Time Analytics & Feedback: The Power of Informed Decisions

At VirtualHumans.io, every interaction within our virtual environments is meticulously tracked, offering real-time feedback to users and robust analytics to trainers and organizations.

This data empowers informed decisions and targeted improvements, ultimately promoting optimal learning outcomes.

The VirtualHumans.io Experience

Our Virtual Human platform unleashes the potential of Conversational AI, creating engaging and interactive training simulations.

Whether you choose to deploy them in Virtual Reality, or on computers via WebXR technology, our focus remains on the smart AI technology that drives immersive learning experiences.

Our Proud Clients & Partners

Join the forward-thinking organizations that are revolutionizing the future of training with Virtual Humans. Experience the transformative power of AI-driven education alongside our esteemed clients and partners.

Transform Your Training with VirtualHumans.io

Ready to redefine your workplace training paradigm? Explore how Virtual Humans can ignite learning and competency within your organization. Embark on your journey to the future of training now.

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